misattributed quotes makes janeway judge you.

remember: look shit up! it’s free! 

And the irony icing on the whole terrible cake is that it’s on the “Women of Star Trek” Twitter.




It’s a blustery New England morning on Main Street. I inhale a chilly lungful of Monday, smug in the knowledge that, unlike west coast writers, I get to use words like “blustery.” I step up into SIP, next to City Hall, for a coffee and a bagel. I’m not sure if all-capping SIP is required, but I do it because I like their sign, and their sign is all-caps, and that’s successful branding.

It’s an odd room, a unique aesthetic for this town. I sort of feel like I’m in an Ikea catalog, or a movie set for a scene involving a cafe that looks like an Ikea catalog. There are white walls of horizontal wood strips that look like slatwall in a mall store. One wall looks like a buncha trees, and the owners of this establishment seem to really want you to buy a coffee-related kitchen gadget. The menu board has no prices on it, which is annoying. What am I, a Rockefeller? Give me facts and figures. SIP’s front door features a lovely metal sign by Sam Ostroff. He’s cornered the local market for handmade metal signs. They’re everywhere, and he’s damn good at it. On the other hand, he’s the same guy who made that metal mural on the other end of Main Street, which I think is a gigantic piece of clip art shit.

The barista is a talker, and when I tell him my name for my order, he tells me he’s a Tom, too, and we have a bonding moment over that. I want to reference Vonnegut’s Slapstick, but I can’t assemble a concise description of the artificial family concept in my as-yet-uncoffee’d brain quickly enough, and the moment passes, so I don’t mention it. I’m of the opinion that small talk conversations are like space shuttle launches: there are narrow windows of clear skies, and if you don’t fire the boosters, you lose your chance, and millions of dollars are wasted, and a bunch of astronauts get mad at you.

I sit with my small coffee: $1.50. It’s French press, I think? I’m not a person who pays close attention to coffee stuff. I get French press confused with French Roast and French Vanilla. Anyway, it’s coffee and it tastes good, so that’s good. My bagel is also good, and unlike some other establishments in town, it doesn’t come with a four pound slab of butter on the side. The stereo plays the theme song from Portlandia, which I find hilarious. Over by the trees, a man takes a photo of his latte. This is a thing that people do. Is it on Twitter now, that moment in time, the brief existence of that pretty floating foam leaf? Did people favorite it and retweet it? That is a thing that people do, too. I look out the window. The only thing you can see besides the side of City Hall is Starbucks. That latte photo’s probably trending right now. Trending across the planet.

There’s a gray boomer slouched in the window seat watching a video on his smartphone with the volume turned way up. I’m impressed by his goatee and his earring and his cargo shorts and his Chili Challenge t-shirt. He’s doing an amazing job of almost convincing people that he’s a laid back, totally chill non-old person. I feel bad for him because he’s so old he probably can’t hear all the high frequencies that are stabbing my ears and causing dogs to howl a block away. I try to compliment the exquisite audio fidelity of his portable digital device by shouting across the room “THAT SOUNDS LIKE A GREAT FUN VIDEO DOES IT GO ANY LOUDER,” but he doesn’t even acknowledge me. Poor old dude. He probably can’t hear me because my voice is so high and wire-thin, like a balloon with a slow leak, like Willy Whistle. Poor old dude.

Including myself, there are four other white men with beards and eyeglasses and laptops camped out here. We’re probably all writing clever things, quietly amused by our own cleverness. When will people recognize our cleverness? Someday, we’ll all be famous writers, and we’ll be invited to big fancy dinner parties where we’ll electrify the room with our small talk, launching rockets of conversation, resting our wine glasses on the decorative fireplace mantle as we fondly recall this blustery, blustery New England morning.

My friend Tom is exploring coffee shops, and possibly…..himself? Let’s go on this journey with him, shall we

It’s the last day of NYCC. Let’s do this.

It’s the last day of NYCC. Let’s do this.


My darlings, this is a gift for you. 

In 1990, before some of you were even born, Iggy Pop and Debbie Harry teamed up to cover “Well Did You Evah” for the Cole Porter tribute/AIDS benefit album Red Hot and Blue. The cover itself is excellent, but the video - OH, THE VIDEO - is the fucking punkest thing I’ve ever seen. 

This came out when I was 15 and I was never the same after that.


Inktober #4: The Earl of Lemongrab in George Costanza-style Repose, as suggested by Trina Johnson.
The original 12x9 art is available in my shop for five days.


Inktober #4: The Earl of Lemongrab in George Costanza-style Repose, as suggested by Trina Johnson.


The original 12x9 art is available in my shop for five days.

“It has become difficult to name one’s feminism by a single adjective—or even to insist in every circumstance upon the noun. Consciousness of exclusion through naming is acute. Identities seem contradictory, partial, and strategic. With the hard-won recognition of their social and historical constitution, gender, race, and class cannot provide the basis for belief in “essential” unity. There is nothing about being “female” that naturally binds women. There is not even such a state as “being” female, itself a highly complex category constructed in contested sexual scientific discourses and other social practices.” Those who forget their Haraway are doomed to repeat it.  (via birdlord)





Happy Birthday kateordie, we love you!

It is Kate Leth’s 256th birthday on this planet, and to celebrate this, we have THREE NEW KATEORDIE ITEMS IN THE TOPATOCO STORE! Three! It’s bananas!

Speaking of bananas, we have the "NSFW Shirt", which you might have seen before on the "Adults Only" stickers.

We also have announce the existence of the “Geek Girl Illuminati” shirt and patch! Beware, geek girls are everywhere! And we will get you.

I will be needing the Illuminati shirt. 

Outfit for the Monstrous Affections book launch party #fabfri

Outfit for the Monstrous Affections book launch party #fabfri


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